The StoryHow® PitchDeck is a story coach in your pocket.
It helps transform messages, ideas, and presentations into business stories.


Who is it for?

  • Individuals who want to transform their ideas and presentations into memorable stories.
  • Enterprises seeking memorable ways of delivering their messages
  • Agencies seeking to draw the best stories out of their clients.

What is it used for?

  • Making sales and marketing messages more memorable
  • Transforming presentations into compelling narratives
  • Facilitating group collaboration to find and tell the best business stories.

“You need three skills to communicate: writing, speaking, and drawing. Therefore, my communication’s bible consists of three books: Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes, Nancy Duarte’s Resonate, and Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin. And I tie all of them together through storytelling and the StoryHow® PitchDeck.”

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Kip Meacham

Marketing Manager & Toastmasters Leader

How Does it work?

The StoryHow® PitchDeck prompts its users through the process of converting an idea, message or presentation into a story. The following video describes how it works.

“I like to flip through the cards in an unstructured way to get the juices flowing.”

“Making the customer the hero of the story (Card #2 Protagonist) really resonated with me. I needed to get better at describing the customer’s struggle.”

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Raina Porecha

Commercial Loan Underwriter



Role cards select characters (customers, products, services, ideas) that play parts in your stories.

1. Audience
2. Protagonist
3. Antagonist
4. Minor Characters
5. Time
6. Setting
7. Mirrors
8. Deceiver
9. Catalyst
10. Pawn
11. Fatal Flaw
12. Superpower
13. Mentor
14. Protector
15. Sacred Cow



Event cards develop the situations that drive the beginning, middle and end of your stories.

16. Initial Impulse
17. Ending
18. Recurring Event
19. Plot Points
20. Conflict: External
21. Conflict: Internal
22. Meet Cute
23. Setback
24. Loss
25. Zugzwang
26. Indecision
27. The Twist
28. Mismatched Response
29. Bad Advice
30. Backstory



Influence cards uncover the internal and external motivations that impel action in your stories.

31. Jeopardy
32. Choice: Emotional
33. Choice: Logical
34. Choice: Obligation
35. Choice: Gut
36. Response: Instinctive
37. Choice: Moral
38. Choice: Faith
39. Choice: Guilt
40. Throughline
41. Knowledge
42. Who knows what?
43. Mistaken Identity
44. No Need
45. Context



Technique cards add structure, meaning, and ultimately memorability to your stories.

46. Purpose
47. Meaning
48. Big Idea
49. Fiction or Nonfiction
50. Scenes
51. POV
52. The Hook
53. Challenge
54. Timing/Order
55. Shared Experiences
56. Irony
57. Symbolism
58. Foreshadowing
59. Analogy
60. Contrast

“The deck is easy to put into practice. It’s a pragmatic approach rather than theoretical. For me, you nailed it.”

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Sébastien Lenaerts

Head of Digital, BNP Paribas Cardif Belgium

What can these cards do for me?

The most successful people have the ability to communicate their ideas to others. By adding storytelling to your communications toolkit, you will:

  • help your company communicate its messages, 
  • draw like-minded people to your causes,
  • and add a valuable skill that will help advance your career.

 Why Cards? Why not a book or an app?

A physical deck of cards can be…

  • used by both individuals and groups,
  • carried in a shirt pocket or a small purse,
  • and they never run out of power.

Using this deck allows us to break the parts of each story out individually, and ensure that all the elements are given the attention (and discussion) they deserve. It provides structure for our creativity and a framework for building our clients’ messaging. In short: it allows us to do our jobs as marketers more efficiently and effectively. My team loves the StoryHow deck!

Katie Wagner

President, Katie Wagner Social Media