Exercise 6 of 10

Try to determine this proverb’s function, frame, and finish.
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“Buyer Beware.”

What is the FUNCTION of this proverb?

This is a prescription proverb, because the author is offering buyers a method to protect themselves.

What FRAME is this proverb built upon?

This is a special Implied frame. In all likelihood, it began as some sort of conditional: If you’re a buyer, you must be wary. Yet, the conditional words were eliminated through ruthless editing.

What FINISH (or finishes) have been applied to this proverb?

This proverb has 2 finishes:

1) Alliteration: Buyer Beware.

2) Ellipsis: Which removed all but the essential words.

EXTRA CREDIT: What METAPHOR is this proverb built upon?

This proverb is based on the metaphor: Buying is risk.