If you’ve been reading the StoryHow blog from the very beginning, you’ve read 87 different articles about how to tell a story. But what about the practice of storytelling–actually using these tools to tell a complete story?

I’ve been a storyteller much longer than I’ve taught storytelling. I’ve been producing stories since 1991 when I released a two-hour audio cassette (yes, magnetic tape!) about the beginning of the American Revolution. In 1995, I wrote a novel that taught non-fiction economic lessons. And in 2005, I launched Griddlecakes Radio, which today is one of the world’s longest-running storytelling podcasts. The StoryHow method didn’t just happen. It’s the result of a lifetime of practice.

So, I’ve decided to mix it up a little today. Rather than writing about a particular StoryHow element, this 88th StoryHow post contains a completed audio story called USS IOWA: Three Generations One Story. Take a listen. Perhaps you’ll recognize some StoryHow elements?

There are two ways to listen. Either hit the orange play button to listen immediately or download the MP3 file through the download arrow.



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